Eric Cantona proved a controversial and outspoken figure during his playing career, and his latest claims about who is the world’s greatest player will surprise many.

The ongoing debate usually surrounds two men – Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

But Cantona has shunned both of those names in favour of Paris Saint-Germain’s Javier Pastore, whom the Frenchman says boasts unique talents.

“For me, the best player in the world, the most exciting player in the world is Javier Pastore,” Cantona said.

“Why? Because I watched two games just to see Pastore playing, giving passes – he has got something special.

“Football is interactive, that’s why football is so popular, I think. And Pastore can do things that other players don’t know.

“It’s interactive and he surprises you every time. Not only scoring spectacular goals, everything. Passing, passing, he is a very creative player.

“For me, he is the most creative player in the world today. That’s why I think he is the best player in the world because I love this kind of player.”